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Latest Message: 1 month, 2 weeks ago
  • Caileanmor : To All Conclavengers! Keep an eye out for Cail's mini-adventures. Details in the OOC forum, "The beat rolls on..."
  • Genevra : Super swamped - getting ready for Christmas.
  • Caileanmor : Yea, so, I suddenly have some free time on my hands... so I'm going post-crazy for the moment :D
  • Caileanmor : Listen!
  • Caileanmor : Hey!
  • Genevra : For the profiles you just need to post them and tell me where they are so I add them
  • Caileanmor : Character Profiles. If I wanted to edit the one that's up for Cail how would I? Also, how can I add other character profiles (alts)? ...granted that they're guildies.
  • Caileanmor : I'm posting some story about LIlith (Ravenblack) on her blog. Check it out and give me your opinions.
  • Caileanmor : IT'S ALIVE!!
  • Genevra : hope your computer lives cail!
  • Caileanmor : My computer is getting a tune up. No wow access for at least a week. :.( /gnometears
  • Caileanmor : For that sorcerer RP thats up on the forums, Spectral and Cail will be around for further forum posts as well as in-game interactions.
  • Genevra : grats!
  • Caileanmor : This gnome.
  • Caileanmor : *two thumbs up*
  • Caileanmor : Which cute but increasingly sociopathic gnome warlock has two thumbs and green fel fire?
  • Caileanmor : /ragequit
  • Caileanmor : /tableflip
  • Caileanmor : Damn...Felhunters!!!
  • Genevra : lol Cail
  • Caileanmor : D: ... that sounded funnier in my head, but reads rather perverse. Sorry :P
  • Caileanmor : My gnomish device is going to find the s*it out of your Clocksworth!
  • Genevra : fuck this whole stuck at 90% login thing.
  • Caileanmor : Hehe! Veeery subtle :D

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Recent Activity

  • Genevra replied to the topic 'Guildaversary Events' in the forum.
    March 9th is Conclave's 5 year Guildaversary and every year we try to do something to commemorate this event.

    This year we will be holding events throughout the month of March; 5 events to be...
  • TrixieTheGnome replied to the topic 'Trixië ShadowBolts´ Application' in the forum.
    Well, thanks anyways :) Please inform me if any openings are available. I will always be interested, so don't hesitate to invite. I wish you all the best, and happy adventuring.
    1 week ago
  • Genevra replied to the topic 'Trixië ShadowBolts´ Application' in the forum.
    Unfortunately at this time we are not accepting members who are under age. We wish you the best and happy adventuring.
    2 weeks ago
  • TrixieTheGnome created a new topic ' Trixië ShadowBolts´ Application' in the forum.
    Roleplay/Casual/General Application

    Please copy and paste into a new thread.

    Character Name: Trixië ShadowBolts.

    Realm (if transferring)I am not transferring, but Iam from Sisters of Elune....
    2 weeks ago
  • Genevra replied to the topic 'Terrias' Application' in the forum.
    Looks good! Welcome aboard! Check out the New Members Guide
    2 weeks ago
  • DracoRyx created a new topic ' Terrias' Application' in the forum.
    Character Name: Terrias Masan (In game name Terrias)

    Race/Class/Spec/Level: Human Mage (All specs), Level 61.

    Professions and Secondary Skills: Untrained engineer, miner, self-taught swordsman,...
    2 weeks ago
  • Genevra created a new topic ' Guildaversary Events' in the forum.
    March is our 5 year Gulidaversary and here are the tentative events planned:
    • machinima contest
    • scholarly tmog contest
    • poetry contest
    • foam sword fight
    • ???

    Please post your suggestions for the 5th event.
    3 weeks ago