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Latest Message: 1 week, 1 day ago
  • Caileanmor : Hehe! Veeery subtle :D
  • Zherron : Very subtle hint on the CC forum, Cail. Unfortunately, I'm not home at the moment, or I would - I'm not home at the moment. :D
  • Caileanmor : WoW!... Nevermind :) That was a much easier process than I thought it'd be.
  • Caileanmor : *facedesk* fml.
  • Caileanmor : -_- which means I'll likely have to call Blizz Support and jump through their hoops.
  • Caileanmor : I'd forgotten it had a serial code and restore number... so now I gotta figure out how to re-sync it with my account.
  • Caileanmor : I had to restore my iphone last week and reinstall my apps, including the Blizzard Authenticator
  • Caileanmor : -The Heist!-
  • Caileanmor : ^RP Coming Soon....
  • Genevra : But I dun wanna..
  • Caileanmor : Tabatha! *wave* :)
  • Tabatha : Wake up!
  • Genevra : FML I am so tired.
  • Zherron : Tremble in terror! I have returned from another long weekend at the racetrack...the mayhem may now continue! BWAHAHAHA!!!
  • Genevra : I'll be on vacation for a few days, don't break things.
  • Caileanmor : I have posted two character profiles for discussion in the OOC forum here >> «link»
  • Caileanmor : Feel free to visit our sister horde guild site burningscroll.cenarion-circle.org.
  • Genevra : Thanks!
  • Tabatha : Happy Birthday Genevra!
  • Caileanmor : Of Shadow, the Doctor Reborn! Get current on what's happening with everybody's favorite Gnome Doctor, Cail! «link»
  • Caileanmor : Tyvian, her Dark Master, is working his dark magic. Will the young Warlock survive?
  • Caileanmor : Catch up on Lilith's progress here: «link»
  • Tabatha : Didn't do it
  • Caileanmor : The old gnome had an incident D: Things are looking rather rough for him!
  • Genevra : What happened to Cail! And We're just having a give away on Sunday.

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