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Latest Message: 3 days, 13 hours ago
  • Caileanmor : Computer still down :( More explained in the forums.
  • Caileanmor : @Trixie: I'll get back in contact with you when I finally get my PC back up and running. I don't know how long that will take though.
  • Caileanmor : *mournful sigh* A full week without WoW. Going through serious withdrawals x(
  • TrixieTheGno : Oops *trying lol
  • TrixieTheGno : Hey! Can someone let Cali know Riss/Trixië is tryoing to get in contact with her? ReigningRiss#1188
  • Genevra : sorry to hear that Cail. hope it gets fixed
  • Caileanmor : *sigh* ...black screen of death... I'm working to try and fix it, but I won't be online for at least the weekend.
  • Caileanmor : To All Conclavengers! Keep an eye out for Cail's mini-adventures. Details in the OOC forum, "The beat rolls on..."
  • Genevra : Super swamped - getting ready for Christmas.
  • Caileanmor : Yea, so, I suddenly have some free time on my hands... so I'm going post-crazy for the moment :D
  • Caileanmor : Listen!
  • Caileanmor : Hey!
  • Genevra : For the profiles you just need to post them and tell me where they are so I add them
  • Caileanmor : Character Profiles. If I wanted to edit the one that's up for Cail how would I? Also, how can I add other character profiles (alts)? ...granted that they're guildies.
  • Caileanmor : I'm posting some story about LIlith (Ravenblack) on her blog. Check it out and give me your opinions.
  • Caileanmor : IT'S ALIVE!!
  • Genevra : hope your computer lives cail!
  • Caileanmor : My computer is getting a tune up. No wow access for at least a week. :.( /gnometears
  • Caileanmor : For that sorcerer RP thats up on the forums, Spectral and Cail will be around for further forum posts as well as in-game interactions.
  • Genevra : grats!
  • Caileanmor : This gnome.
  • Caileanmor : *two thumbs up*
  • Caileanmor : Which cute but increasingly sociopathic gnome warlock has two thumbs and green fel fire?
  • Caileanmor : /ragequit

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  • Caileanmor is friends with Tabatha
  • Caileanmor replied to the topic 'Sadie's Specter [Bio]' in the forum.
    At the base of the tall stone tower Sadie Brooks skidded to a halt. The heels of her padded leather shoes bounced across the top of the cobble stone street. Waving her arms in the air for an awkward...
    1 week ago
  • Zherron created a blog entry There Are Worse Thin...
    Though he knew that he had done nothing wrong (other than be what he was, in the eyes of the traditionalists), Valmy remained particularly wary whenever any of the city's guard forces - the Stormwind ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Zherron created a blog entry Ode to the Spirit of...
    This poem was recited by the dwarven shaman Rocangus Snowhammer during the Conclave anniversary celebrations. Most people here will no doubt be aware Of th' elements, Earth, Water, Fi...
    2 weeks ago
  • cuey101 created a new topic ' Kirrios's application' in the forum.
    Character Name: Kirrios

    Realm (if transferring) : Cenarion Circle

    Race/Class/Spec/Level :NightElf/Hunter/Marksman/(Survival)/92

    Professions and Secondary Skills : None yet

    Do you Roleplay? : No...
    2 weeks ago
  • Zherron created a blog entry There Are Worse Thin...
    Eldred Valmy cut the power and stepped from the controls of his sky golem, leaping nimbly down into the snow - careful not to land on any jagged volcanic rocks that might piece his footpaws. All aroun...
    3 weeks ago
  • Zherron replied to the topic 'Conclave Garrison' in the forum.
    Since changing my warlock to a less evil fellow and bringing him into the ranks here, I've had it where he has established his own mage tower on Draenor (which would be better once I get the 500 or so...
    3 weeks ago