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Latest Message: 15 hours, 19 minutes ago
  • Caileanmor : Listen!
  • Caileanmor : Hey!
  • Genevra : For the profiles you just need to post them and tell me where they are so I add them
  • Caileanmor : Character Profiles. If I wanted to edit the one that's up for Cail how would I? Also, how can I add other character profiles (alts)? ...granted that they're guildies.
  • Caileanmor : I'm posting some story about LIlith (Ravenblack) on her blog. Check it out and give me your opinions.
  • Caileanmor : IT'S ALIVE!!
  • Genevra : hope your computer lives cail!
  • Caileanmor : My computer is getting a tune up. No wow access for at least a week. :.( /gnometears
  • Caileanmor : For that sorcerer RP thats up on the forums, Spectral and Cail will be around for further forum posts as well as in-game interactions.
  • Genevra : grats!
  • Caileanmor : This gnome.
  • Caileanmor : *two thumbs up*
  • Caileanmor : Which cute but increasingly sociopathic gnome warlock has two thumbs and green fel fire?
  • Caileanmor : /ragequit
  • Caileanmor : /tableflip
  • Caileanmor : Damn...Felhunters!!!
  • Genevra : lol Cail
  • Caileanmor : D: ... that sounded funnier in my head, but reads rather perverse. Sorry :P
  • Caileanmor : My gnomish device is going to find the s*it out of your Clocksworth!
  • Genevra : fuck this whole stuck at 90% login thing.
  • Caileanmor : Hehe! Veeery subtle :D
  • Zherron : Very subtle hint on the CC forum, Cail. Unfortunately, I'm not home at the moment, or I would - I'm not home at the moment. :D
  • Caileanmor : WoW!... Nevermind :) That was a much easier process than I thought it'd be.
  • Caileanmor : *facedesk* fml.

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  • Caileanmor replied to the topic 'Conclave "Wings", "Units", "Divisions"?' in the forum.
    Where are we on this?!?
    Yay, Nay, W.I.P.?
    Need me to do some brainstormin' with you?
    15 hours 11 minutes ago
  • Caileanmor replied to the topic 'Valkriya's app!' in the forum.
    I'm sorry, the correct answer for "How do you feel about ewoks" is Jawas or Utini! ;)

    Looks good! Nice name too :) Poke me or Genevra when next your on and one of us will invite :D
    Glad to have...
    15 hours 14 minutes ago
  • Dante created a new topic ' Valkriya's app!' in the forum.
    Character Name

    Realm (if transferring)

    Dwarf - Shaman - Resto/ (not sure yet for second spec)

    Professions and Secondary Skills
    Jewelcrafting and Inscription

    19 hours 9 minutes ago
  • Genevra replied to the topic 'Aalishu's application' in the forum.
    Looks good let's get you invited.
    7 days ago
  • Genevra replied to the topic 'Krizha's Application' in the forum.
    Looks good let's get you an invite?
    7 days ago
  • Krizha12 created a new topic ' Krizha's Application' in the forum.
    Character Name: Krizha

    Realm (if transferring): Sisters of Elune

    Race/Class/Spec/Level : Level 7 Draenei Shaman (Going Resto)

    Professions and Secondary Skills: None currently

    Do you Roleplay? Yes...
    1 week ago
  • icedragonsw created a new topic ' Aalishu's application' in the forum.
    Roleplay/Casual/General Application

    Please copy and paste into a new thread.

    Character Name: Aalishu

    Realm (if transferring): Sisters of Elune

    Race/Class/Spec/Level: Draenei/hunter/marksman/7...
    1 week ago