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20:09-- Genevra: Busy Busy...
0:19-- Caileanmor: Oh Hai'der!
0:20-- Caileanmor: Just updated the Fall of the Fel IC thread. Check it out! There' pretty-pretty pictures! ^.^
0:20-- Caileanmor: /logout
0:20-- Caileanmor: hehe, that'd be neat if that worked here... <.<
17:58-- Genevra: I am out of the game til the 28th. Merry Christmas and be safe everyone
20:45-- Genevra: Back! Hope everyone had a good Christmas!
3:15-- Caileanmor: Senior Zherron! A comment on the "An Open Letter..." blog awaits you. ^.^ It is also tied to my "Mr. Harvester..." posting.
3:17-- Caileanmor: Señior* ...makes more sense when I take the time to include the tilde. :)
3:19-- Caileanmor: Oh! nvm <.<
I see now that it is up. :)
2:14-- Genevra: Cail! Get a hold of me in game to sort some things out!
0:44-- Genevra: so much rp to catch up on... hopefully this weekend!
4:20-- Genevra: Maybe THIS weekend I'll get caught up? I need more hours in my day!!!
16:54-- Jacksen: Hmm...
16:51-- Brantus: Just stopping by to say 'hello'.
20:08-- Genevra: Ahoy Brantus! Hope all is well in the realm of the real world!
16:42-- Brantus: Can't really complain, just been spending time with the family and playing some Black Desert Online. How things going on your end?
1:45-- Genevra: Busy with work mostly the end of the year stuff but otherwise doing well.

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This year on March 9th is our 6 year guildaversary. To celebrate, following the sermon this Wednesday we shall have a celebrations filled with shenanigans and prizes. We will probably have the celebration at the Abbey or perhaps my Garrison.


Thanks for all the fun times over the last 6 years. Here's some pictures from some of our shenanigans.


Glad to have you all with us and here's to another great 6 years. Share your favorite photos from over the years here!

You can find a guild rank and roles update on the Members Only Forums. No one lost power or anything we were just pruning excessive ranks and honing in on the story of the guild for rp. If you have any questions after the changes feel free to talk to an officer or Genevra in game.

Thank you for your patience with the upgrade(s) over this weekend. Some of the known issues should now be fixed. I will work on a changelog of sorts a bit later, and you may notice that some things previously found on the front page have not yet returned, but it's a work in progress. I did not want to leave the site unavailable to users for more than a day. Let me know if you find things that are broken.


Thanks - Gen

The Iron Horde are upon us with Patch 6.0.2. Now is the time for us to band together in this time of need. Remember our duty: learn from the past to safeguard the future. It seems now that both the past and the future are at risk. It may not be our past, but it is our future. Do not lose heart. 


About Conclave

Conclave is a medium to full time roleplay guild on Cenarion Circle.

Learn from our past to safeguard the future.