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Latest Message: 1 month ago
  • Caileanmor : For that sorcerer RP thats up on the forums, Spectral and Cail will be around for further forum posts as well as in-game interactions.
  • Genevra : grats!
  • Caileanmor : This gnome.
  • Caileanmor : *two thumbs up*
  • Caileanmor : Which cute but increasingly sociopathic gnome warlock has two thumbs and green fel fire?
  • Caileanmor : /ragequit
  • Caileanmor : /tableflip
  • Caileanmor : Damn...Felhunters!!!
  • Genevra : lol Cail
  • Caileanmor : D: ... that sounded funnier in my head, but reads rather perverse. Sorry :P
  • Caileanmor : My gnomish device is going to find the s*it out of your Clocksworth!
  • Genevra : fuck this whole stuck at 90% login thing.
  • Caileanmor : Hehe! Veeery subtle :D
  • Zherron : Very subtle hint on the CC forum, Cail. Unfortunately, I'm not home at the moment, or I would - I'm not home at the moment. :D
  • Caileanmor : WoW!... Nevermind :) That was a much easier process than I thought it'd be.
  • Caileanmor : *facedesk* fml.
  • Caileanmor : -_- which means I'll likely have to call Blizz Support and jump through their hoops.
  • Caileanmor : I'd forgotten it had a serial code and restore number... so now I gotta figure out how to re-sync it with my account.
  • Caileanmor : I had to restore my iphone last week and reinstall my apps, including the Blizzard Authenticator
  • Caileanmor : -The Heist!-
  • Caileanmor : ^RP Coming Soon....
  • Genevra : But I dun wanna..
  • Caileanmor : Tabatha! *wave* :)
  • Tabatha : Wake up!
  • Genevra : FML I am so tired.

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    A little history about myself. Flaya was introduced into the world of Azeroth during the time of the Trial of the Crusader. He assisted with the tournament fights and with the fights towards the Lich...
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    Looks good. Let's get you an invite.
  • Reinwald created a new topic ' Reinwald's Application' in the forum.
    Character Name
    Realm (if transferring)
    Human/ Warrior / Arms / 10
    Professions and Secondary Skills
    None at the moment
    Do you Roleplay?
    I have not roleplayed yet, but...
    2 days ago
  • eclipise created a new topic ' Eclipise Application' in the forum.
    Character Name:

    Realm (if transferring):

    Human Paladin Holy/Ret 14

    Professions and Secondary Skills:
    None Set Currently

    Do you Roleplay?

    If you...
    2 days ago
  • Genevra shared a photo in the Genevra's Photos album
    Emmaiya made us bracelets for BlizzCon!
    2 days ago